Possums, Raccoons and Minks, Oh My!

If you have meat birds that haven’t been processed or are overwintering layers please be advised: predators filling up on their last meal before hibernation have accounted for massive losses. Possums, racoons, and minks, but don’t forget skunks. Whether it is ducks or prize chickens they don’t care!

Here is a list of helpful suggestions to protect your Honeys!

  1. Keep them locked up, day and night.
  2. Barn-lime your coop exterior or barn’s interior. Note: This does NOT affect your birds or their feet.
  3. Buy a Dog-Proof Trap (at Fleet Farm) if you don’t have one already.
  4. If you have a dog, brush it and throw the excess hair around the coop to emit that smell that they fear.
  5. Raccoons hate country music! Don’t play it all the time, but occasionally seems to help.