Chicks 101

Broiler Chicken Basics

Success of a flock is dependent on a great start for the chicks. These basics below will help to focus on starting your flock out on the right foot so your flock can perform and achieve their full potential. Regardless of the breed, always make sure your pens are clean and dry! When your hatchlings arrive, they will need water first and foremost. Dip their beaks in clean, room temperature water to get them acclimated and hydrated before giving them food.

Temperature Guidelines

Pre-heat brooder 24-48 hours prior to arrival

Brooder Temperature 98◦decreasing by 5◦ every week (Meat birds can with stand 32◦ in 3 weeks)

One Red 250W heat bulb (helps prevent cannibalism) per 50 chicks

Chick Guard draft shield (14 inches high) keeps birds from piling

Water Requirements

Plastic gallon founts work best 2-3 per 50 chicks

Available 24 hours – use marbles in deeper dishes to prevent drowning

Refresh 2-3 times a day

Feed Requirements

Start with egg flats

2 linear feet of space for 50 chicks

Grower feed 22% first 3 days full feed

Grower feed 22% day 3 to day 21 -12 hours a day

Grower feed 22% day 21 to finish 24 hours a day

Provide chick grit


250 W Red Bulb approximately 12-18” off the floor

Broiler Space

1.3 to 2.4 Feet bird during grow out

Litter: Medium to Large wood shavings are best