About Us

Clean Chickens and Co. is a family run business that was built out of our belief that food sustainability should be available to everyone, and that you don’t have to have large parcels of land or live in the country to feed your family good, clean chickens (and also teaching our kids about real hard work!)

Our goal: To be CLEAN, MOBILE, and CONVENIENT for you.

CLEAN- You raise your own birds because you want to be sure that they will be clean & healthy. Despite how clean it might have been raising them, processing them is a dirty job. Our processing unit is cleaned at the beginning and the end of each job for the cleanest possible space to process your birds. We just need water and electricity.

MOBILE- There aren’t many processing plants around anymore, but if you are lucky enough to get a slot you have to take the day off, load up the birds, and transport them. Or, if you have tried processing them yourself it can take days. Our processing unit is mobile so let us come to you.

CONVENIENT- You have raised them, but now it is the dreaded day. So do you invite friends and family to take a work day off? Let your friends and family keep their vacation days for themselves, and save your marriage. Our mobile processing unit is designed for your convenience in mind, by saving you time for the other important things in your busy life.

The Crew!

We are a small family run business who butchers chickens and turkeys in our mobile processing trailer to help farmers & families be more food sustainable.


Coming from north of Bemidji, we grew pasture raised chickens and sold them at the Bemidji Farmers Market. However, we had to leave it all behind us when we relocated to central Minnesota for our deaf daughter’s education. Well, almost!

We learned that folks down here love chickens too, but not butchering them, because it’s a really dirty job. Also like us, they were frustrated when transporting them to a processing plant and losing some to suffocation and over-crowding. Not to mention, taking hours out of their day to drop off and pick up their birds. Hence Clean Chickens and Co. was born. Clean. Mobile. Convenient!

Chickens are our thing and have been a large part of our family; hatching, brooding, growing and eating them. Heck, we’ve even had pet dwarf therapy chickens! Crazy as it seems, word gets out and when we aren’t processing them we are showing people how to predator-proof their chickens yards, reduce feed costs for growers, or speaking to maximizing their growth cycle; just to name a few chicken dilemmas we’ve helped resolve.  

So here we are, going into our fourth season of mobile processing and fifteen years of chickens & such. Thanks to all ya’ll.

If you haven’t called us to set up your date for processing, give us a call today.

We’ll see you soon!

The Wierschke’s