How do we contact you?


cell phone: (651) 500-3780

Do you only process broiler chickens?

No. We can do a variety of birds, but you will need to call us to make sure we can accommodate you. Please note we only do white broilers for USDA processing. *Sorry, we don’t do ducks.

How much is this going to cost?

The cost is:

Chickens Processing is dependent on bird type.

White Broilers $5 per bird

Other Broilers $6 per bird (Rangers, etc.)

Spent hens/Mature roosters $10 per bird

Turkeys $15 per bird, over 20 # are an $.50 per pound

Organ Collection $1 per bird (includes heart, liver, necks)

Gizzards cleaned $1.50 per gizzard

Feet peeled and cleaned $.25 per bird (subject to be rejected for quality)

Extra bags $.50 each

Weigh/Labeling $.25 per label

Cut-Up Fees

Halved $1.00 per bird

Quartered $1.25 per bird

Standard 8-9 piece cut $1.50 per bird

Drummie Cuts $.50 per bird

Boneless Breast/Thigh $.50 a piece

Mileage Scale

50-100 birds $1.00 per mile one-way

101-199 and above $1.00 per mile one-way after 50 miles

Is there a minimum?

The minimum is 50 birds or $250 for the PL unit or 200 birds for the USDA unit. (All others please call about renting our affordable equipment.!)

How far in advance should I call you to schedule a processing day?