Are you selling to restaurants, meat markets, grocery stores, or across state lines? Then you need to have your birds processed under USDA Inspection.

For growers interested in selling to restaurants, grocery stores, or selling across state lines; we are now the only USDA inspected Mobile Poultry Processing Plant (MPPU) in the United States! We travel the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

  • We need to schedule your date before you order chicks.
  • The farm needs to have a water test before the processing day.
  • Minimum of 200-300 chickens or 40-80 turkeys.

New in 2023: Due to USDA regulations, the birds must be tested weekly for Salmonella. This is a $65 charge, and will be passed thru to the customer. Thank you for understanding.

Call Greg today if you need to get scheduled for your USDA processing day!
(Allow 8 weeks in advance for scheduling.)