Aimee Prasek
We are so, so, so grateful to owners Greg and Becky who traveled to us to process two of our beloved hens. One was very sick and the other serious bullying issues and mobility problems that couldn’t be resolved. Instead of just putting them down medically, we knew this was the responsible route as we have two meat eaters in the family (dog and husband). Every backyard chicken home in the metro area should have their number on hand if they aren’t 100% comfortable killing their birds and want them treated as humanely as can be. My husband watched the process fully and felt as good as can be expected, finding it similar to medically putting the birds down, but more responsible as one of the hens still had viable meat. It was really tough for us, but C&C truly made it a little easier.

Matthew Koncar
Came right to the house and did in four hours what would have probably taken me three days to do. Very pleased with the service and will use again.

Steven Olson
What a great experience. I was struggling with having to drive a total of 6 hours to get my chickens processed. C & C made it so convenient. Definitely recommend, so accommodating.

This is the second year in a row I’ve used their butchering service. They provide great and humane service. Very friendly and clean facilities. Can’t wait to see them next year!

Rowena Hart
Very reliable, looked everywhere for a butcher. Mobile butcher yes great, very friendly ,awesome job wasn’t going to get chickens anymore till we found these guys. You will never go wrong.

Needed a processor quick. Chickens were heading into winter and everyone was booked or not doing processing anymore for the year. Called Mobile Butcher and within a few days they were here. Done right in my yard. Quick, easy and convenient. Thanks again!

The Leonard Life
They did an excellent job. Well organized and the packaging looks great. Would not hesitate to recommend. Will use every year.

Robin Bowman
We raised some chickens and had 15 too many rosters. I had no plans on keeping them over the winter and didn’t have anyone to butcher our chickens. I would have done it myself but this not our first rodeo and recalled all the lack of fun it used to be. I called Greg and he was more than willing to come out bag the birds. Everything went smooth as it could and he cleans everything very well. His wife also came to help out. Very nice people. I’ll definitely be calling them year after year to butcher. Plus, he is willing to travel if the price is right. Doesn’t get any better than helping a small business.