Processing includes your cleaned bird in a shrink-wrapped bag ready for the freezer!

Farm to Consumer-P.L. Exempt 90-492

$6.50 White Broilers* – if dressed weight is over 7# on average an extra fee will be charged at $0.50 per every pound over.

$2.00 cut-ups (for PL Exempt customers only, at this time.)

$0.25 collecting Hearts

$0.25 collecting Livers (each)

$0.25 collecting Feet (per bird/pair)

$0.25 collecting Gizzards (uncleaned, each)

$1.25 cleaned Gizzards (each)

$0.25 cleaned Necks (removing windpipe and skin)

$1.00 halved

$1.25 cut Spatchcock (spine removed, but still in one piece. Great for Grilling!)

$7.50 Red Broilers

$10.00 Laying Hens

$15.00 Turkeys (if over #15, add $.50 per pound from the average weight of 10 birds)

$0.50 Labeling

$2.00 mileage one way from Elk River

$0.75 for extra bags above the amount designated for each bird.

Minimum is 75 birds or $480 (If less, ask us during the slow months of May and October, we may have the flexibility to help you out!)

USDA Inspected Processing

$6.50 White Broiler only (minimum 150)

$2.00 mileage one way from Elk River

$5.75 White Broiler only (200+)

$.50 discount per bird if the feet are free of staph infection and we can keep them.

USDA Inspected Processing with Cut-Ups– STAY TUNED! We are working hard at building a facility in Willmar, which would have the ability to cut and wrap birds for the value-added benefits.


***Clean Chickens and Co. still has a 75 bird minimum, unless its for the USDA unit with a minimum of 150 birds. For new customers with fewer birds we can rent you the equipment to take care of your needs. Call for details! 651-500-3780