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Clean Chickens and Co. is a mobile processor for poultry growers, as well as chicken enthusiasts. Our system for cleaning chickens has been carefully designed to be Clean, Mobile, and Convenient! We pride ourselves on processing your birds, despite the nature of the job, as sanitary as possible. Our trailer is cleaned at the beginning of the job, and again at the end to avoid any potential cross contamination from other farms.


Time management is how we can keep costs down for you. Please have your birds in a small area to be captured (some people put them in pet carriers). We then put them in our cages to begin our process.


Our culling process is quick and humane. By reducing the blood flow to the brain, we make the bird go to sleep. Then we use killing cones to hang it upside down, nick the main artery and let it bleed out peacefully.


Our scalder is commercial-grade and holds multiple birds at the same time.


The plucker is commercial grade which allows us to pluck numerous birds at the same time, that number depends on the size of the bird.


After completing the plucking process, the bird is sent to the commercial poultry saw to remove the feet and necks.


For the evisceration station, the bird is cleaned out and rinsed. Our tables used are all stainless steel, the best for sanitary purposes.


Finally, the bird is placed into the large, stainless steel cooling tank to cool down before bagging.


For bagging, we use shrink wrapped bags making the bird ready for your freezer.